Monday, February 11, 2008


Twitter is really stupid. I tried SATURDAY and it was not functioning. I guess all those birds on the wire were overloading the circuits!
Even my electronically savvy much younger co-worker doesn't like tweetie.
It's a looney tune type of audience.(Don't take offense - cartoons aren't my entertainment of choice.)
I'll have to ask the youngest occupant of my nest what she thinks...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sites 4 Students

Do they make it easier to be a student these days?! There are tons of sites out there so no excuses for not being organized, the dog ate my homework, ect.
I looked over Z0h0 and it looks like a great resource for a small business owner.
J0b$TER wasn't as impressive. The positions I asked for didn't match up with what or where I wanted for available jobs. I might point my teenager here for her future job searches. The Facebook applications are wonderful for college students.

Wikis 2

The only Wiki I had experienced before this was the Hawaiian version. Doesn't that sound great about now. Hawaii... 80 degrees, toes in the sand, a refreshing tropical beverage...
Wiki means quick and since I was absent from this 2.0 program I am trying to finish -wiki-wiki!!
I edited in a couple sites and it was easy.


Why Wiki? Need I say more. I suppose so. I was curious about a presidential candidate's wife so I googled her and decided to look at what Wikipedia had to say about her. Then I wondered if it was true?
I know that teachers don't accept Wikipedia as a source and I can see why. If anyone can contribute incorrect or damaging information...
Say, for example one of our library branch wikis. If a disgruntled patron decided to add something naughty.


It must be my generation because I looked around Facebook and pulled up my high school graduating class and found one account! A much younger co-worker who has an account let me look at some of her contacts so I got a better idea. My teenager of course has a MySpace so I asked her about Facebook. I also warned her again about cleaning up her MySpace since she's about to graduate from high school and be looking for employment.
I see the good, the bad, and the ugly about social networking. It sure keeps the computers busy here, especially after school gets out.
I checked out the Port Orchard and Sylvan libraries accounts. It's a good thing to keep up to date with what the younger patrons interests are. I can't ever image that libraries would disappear and we are trying to insure our place in the future.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


A friend sent me this video from YouTube and I couldn't believe my eyes. I have seen this doggie dancing before but never this good! What an impressive team they make.
Many hours could be spent gazing in horror, wonder, and laughing at the crazy world we live in. You only hope that something you've done doesn't make it on YouTube for the whole world to see. You can be a star whether you want to or not!
The library book cart drills are nuts. We are famous for our rotting salmon that just happened to swim upstream in the men's bathroom. I was in a meeting before the discovery was made so I know firsthand what a stench that was. Too bad the smell couldn't come thru the computer screen!!
I'm tempted to put some of my corgi's crazy behavior on YouTube so stay posted....

Library Thing

Now we're talking! Finally something that I enjoyed and found useful. And, the best thing of all is that is so easy. This is a great tool to suggest to our patrons that want to keep track of what they've read. It's also fun to see what other people have read and who else has the same interests as you.
It would have come in handy the last couple of months when I was searching for information on cancer and amputation from someone who had been thru what I experienced after my dog was diagnosed with a tumor in his right front leg. So, if anyone needs help.....
Library Thing is a fun tool . I don't purchase many books because I read so fast . I would be not only broke but run out of my home by mountains of books.